Dr. Mina John

Dr Mina John is a Consultant Clinical Immunologist and Immunopathologist in the Department of Clinical Immunology, Royal Perth Hospital and has been a  researcher with the Centre for Clinical Immunology and Biomedical Statistics since 2000. 

Dr John has been involved in various areas of research relating to HIV infection including immune restoration disease, long-term toxicities of antiretroviral therapy and more recently adaptive interactions between HIV, antiviral drugs and human immunity. She has numerous peer-reviewed publications in these areas and has been a co-investigator  on several NHMRC Project Grants, a NHMRC Program Grant, a NIH grant from the USA and two Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grants.  She led a large scale project to characterise HIV adapation patterns in diverse human populations funded by the Gates Foundation and the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery. She is currently lead CI of a NHMRC project grant on cellular immunity in HIV infection. 

Currently Dr John leads a team investigating HIV adaptation to CD8 T-cell immune responses in acute and chronic HIV infection and understanding the implications of these interactions on antiviral drug resistance and vaccine design.